The true test for Atletico Madrid will begin with the CL draw

The true test for Atletico Madrid will begin with the CL draw, which will be held on the 21st of February. The draw will be broadcasted live on the website of the sports statistics. The following matches are of particular interest:
* Barcelona vs Valencia;
* Atletico vs Barcelona;
* Sevilla vs Valencia.
The first of these games is particularly interesting, as the Catalans have not played for a long time, and it will be interesting to see how the team will adapt to the new situation. The Spanish team has been in the top-3 for a number of years, and the main goal of the team is to qualify for the Champions League.
Atletico has recently become a real contender for the title, and in the current season it was able to take the first place in La Liga. The team is led by the legendary Diego Simeone, who has managed to achieve this result for almost a decade. The Atletico fans are very excited, because the team has a lot of potential, and if it manages to achieve the desired result, it will become a true symbol of the Spanish football.
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The Spanish championship is one of the most popular in the world, and this is also the reason why the club has managed not to miss the Champions’ League for a very long time. The current season is especially interesting, because Sevilla is in the Champions’ League for the first time in a long while.
This year, the team of Diego Simesone has managed a really successful campaign, and now it is able to get into the top 4. The main goal for the team, however, is to get to the Champions league again. In the current campaign, the club managed to win the first two matches of the tournament, and they are very important for the club.

The main problem of the Sevilla team is the lack of motivation. The players are not able to show their maximum, and many of them are not even able to start the matches. The fans of the club are not happy with this, and there are many reasons for this.
1. Lack of motivation
The team has not played in the Spanish championship for a year, and during this time it was not able at all to get the necessary results. The Sevilla players are tired of this, so they do not want to show the maximum.
2. Lackadaisical playing style
The players of the current team are not very motivated, and their playing style is not very effective. They do not have the right to show such a high level of football, because they have not won any trophies for a few years.
3. Lacklustre transfers
In the summer, the main transfer of the season was the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has become the main star of the national team, and he has managed, together with the team’s coach, to get a place in the team in the strongest European club tournament.
However, the players of Sevilla have not been able to use this advantage, and as a result, the current results are not so good.
It is very important to the club to win in La liga, because this is the main trophy of the country. The club has a long way to go, and even if the team manages to get there, it still has a very high probability of not finishing in the first position.
If the club fails to get in the elite, then it will not be able to participate in the Europa League, because it is the most prestigious club tournament in the European arena.
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The current season of the English Premier League is very interesting for the fans. The top-4 is very close, and we can expect a lot from the teams.
In addition to the main favorites of the championship, we can also mention:
1) Chelsea;
2) Manchester City;
3) Liverpool;
4) Arsenal.
Each of these teams has a good chance of getting into the elite. The first two clubs have a good squad, and each of them has a number 1. The Premier League season has already shown that the teams are not always able to demonstrate their maximum. This is a serious problem for the teams, because in the long tournament distance, the teams will need to demonstrate a high quality of football. The results of the teams in the Premier League will be very important, because these are the clubs that will be able not only to get closer to the European Cup, but also to qualify to the next stage of the Champions Cup.
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The English Premier league is one the most interesting championships in the whole world. The teams have a very good squad and are able to achieve a lot.
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