What will happen with the Barcelona players this winter? (E. Messi, S.Roberto, P. Suarez)

What will happen with the Barcelona players this winter? (E. Messi, S.Roberto, P. Suarez)

Barcelona has a lot of problems. The club is in the middle of a crisis, which is not surprising, given the fact that the previous season the team was in the Champions League zone.
In the summer, the club tried to fix the situation by signing a number of players, but they didn’t work out.
The main problem of the club is the lack of motivation. The team has a good lineup, but it doesn’ t show it.
This is why the club doesn”t have a chance to get into the Champions league.
Barça players have a tough time in the transfer market, too. The main problem is that the players are not ready to play for the team.
They want to play in other teams. This is why they don’ts want to join the team, which has a bad season.

The club is now trying to solve the problem by signing new players. The most important of them are:
* Messi;
* Roberto;
* Suarez.
Messi has already become a free agent. He is expected to sign a new contract with the club.
Roberto is the main player of the team who doesn“t want to leave the club, but he can’ not find a new club. He wants to play with the team that has a chance of winning the championship.
Suarez is one of the most expensive players in the world. The player has a contract with Barcelona of 15 million euros.
Will he stay in the team or will he go to another club?
The player has already said that he wants to leave Barcelona, but the club won’T allow him to leave.
It is also important for the club to find a solution to the problem with the lack motivation of the players.
How will the club react to the failure of Messi?
Barcelonas fans are waiting for the success of the Argentine player. The fans expect him to score a lot in the new season. Messi has a high price, but many teams don”T want to pay it. This will be a problem for the Barcelona team. The players will have to show their maximum.
However, the team is in a bad situation. The previous season it was in a difficult position in the group stage of the Champions tournament.
There is a chance that Messi will leave the team and join the club of ​​the leaders.
Of course, this will be the last chance for him to prove his worth.
Who will replace Messi in the lineup?
This season, Neymar will be able to play. He has already shown that he can score goals.
Neymar is the best scorer of the Brazilian national team. He scored 24 goals in the national team of Brazil.
He is the second best scorer in the club football of Brazil, after Ronaldo.
Many people believe that Messi is the most important player of Barcelona. But Neymar is also a good player.
If Messi leaves the team for another club, then the club will be in a serious problem.
Fans will be interested in the results of the new team. They will see whether the team will be successful or not.
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