If Atletico lose then Simeone should leave’

Diego Simeones’s team is in a crisis. The team is losing points at a time when it is expected to win the La Liga. This is not the first time that the Atletico Madrid team has been in such a situation.
The team has lost to Barcelona in the Champions League and lost to Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.
Diehard fans are waiting for the return of the team to the top of the Spanish football. The last time the team won the coveted trophy was in 1990.
Atletico has a long list of failures in the last few years. The club has lost the Champions Cup to Barcelona, the Copa del Rey to Real and the Spanish League to Atletico.
It is clear that the team needs to do a lot of changes. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing points and are not ready to fight for the title.
This is why Diego Simeón is one of the main contenders for the vacant position of the head coach of the club. He has a good track record of winning the Spanish championship.

The Atletico fans are hoping that the new coach will not only bring motivation to the team but also give them a chance to win trophies.
La Liga table
The table of La Liga shows that the club is in the middle of the standings. The Atletico team is expected not to lose points and to be able to fight against the top teams.
However, the team has not been in the best shape for the last two years. This time, the players are not in the form of their lives. The fans are expecting a lot from the team.
In the last season, the Atletos were the main contender for the champion title. The previous year, they lost to the Barcelona.
Despite the fact that the Catalans were stronger, the fans were disappointed. The failure of the Atleteo team was a real blow to the club’ s reputation.
There is a good chance that the fans will be able not only to forget about the defeat but also to get a lot more from the club in the future.
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The Spanish championship is in full swing. The season has already ended and the fans are eagerly waiting for next year.
Fans of La liga are already talking about the upcoming matches. This season, there will be a lot to talk about, because the teams are playing against each other for the right to play in the European Cup. This will be the first step in the long-term goal of the clubs.
After the failure of Real Madrid, fans are looking forward to the return to the Champions league. The teams are going to play against each another for the European League and the Champions cup.
Real Madrid is the main favorite of the season, because it has the strongest lineup and a great coach. The Madrid team is capable of winning all the trophies in the club’s name.
Among the main rivals of the Royal club are:
* Barcelona;
* Valencia;
* Sevilla;
* Villarreal.
All the teams have a good lineup and are capable of scoring a lot. This makes it possible to win all the cups in the team’s name, too.
Here is the schedule of the matches that will be held in La Liga:
• Round of 32;
• Round of 16;
· Quarterfinals;
● Semifinals;
The first matches will be played on the weekend of August 13-17. The final will be on August 22.
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Teams’ chances of winning trophies
The teams are expected to play quite well. However, the main goal of all the teams is to win gold medals. The Royal club has a strong lineup and is capable to score a lot, too, because of the experience of the players.
Barcelona has a great lineup, too:
· Messi;
· Suarez;
· Busquets;
.· Xavi;
and so on.
Many of the stars have already won the Champions trophy, so they are able to help the team in the fight for gold medals even if they have not won it yet.
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What to expect from the upcoming games?
The upcoming matches will show us how the teams will play against one another. The first matches are very important for the teams, because they will decide the fate of the right for the clubs to participate in the next season in the EPL.
If the teams manage to win their matches, then they will be considered for the playoffs. The top teams will be invited to the European cups, too — the Champions and Europa League.
For the Royal team, the upcoming season will be very important. The Champions League is the most prestigious tournament in the world. It is the best club tournament in Europe.
Every year, the Champions club tournament is held in the winter.

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