First League title in a decade for Man City?

The start of the new season has been a real success for Manchester City, as the Citizens have managed to win the Premier League for the first time in a long time. The team started the season quite well, and managed to finish in the top-4 for the third consecutive year. However, the main goal for the team is to win a major trophy, and the main contender for this is the Champions League.
The last time the Citizens won the coveted trophy was in 2002, and they were the main favorites for the victory. However the team managed to lose to Liverpool in the final, which is the first failure in the history of the competition.

The main contenders for the win in the Champions league are:
* Barcelona;
* Bayern;
* Juventus;
* Real;

However, the Citizens are not the only team that can take the gold medal. Other teams can also compete with them, but the Citizens will be the main favorite in the long run.
It is worth noting that the Citizens started the new campaign quite poorly, and many experts believe that they will not be able to repeat the success of the previous season. However they have a lot of potential, and it is quite possible that they can be the first team to win it for a decade.
So far, the team looks quite confident, and this is reflected in the fact that the fans are also quite happy with their performance. This is the main reason why the team can be considered as one of the main contenders to win gold medals in the future.
All the latest news from the English Premier League
The new season of the English premier league is already in full swing, and fans are eagerly waiting for the start of matches. The new season promises to be extremely interesting, and we will see a lot more than just the results of the matches.
This season, the Premier league has become more interesting than ever, as it has a lot to offer. The main goal of the teams is to finish among the top 4, and if they do, they will be able not only to take the first place in the standings, but also to qualify for the Champions Cup.
In the new Premier league, the teams play against each other, which allows them to get the maximum number of points. This has become much easier, as there is a lot on the line, as well as a lot for each team to do.
However the main thing that fans can look forward to is the fight for the gold medals. The Premier league is the most popular tournament in the world, and there is no doubt that the teams will do their best to win this.
How to follow the matches of the Premier leagues?
The English premier leagues are the most watched tournaments in the whole of the world. The teams play in the tournament, which will be held for a certain number of rounds.
Fans can follow the results on the website of sports statistics, where they will find the information about the matches that are held at the moment. The website of the sports statistics offers not only the results, but they also offer the schedule of upcoming matches, as this is very important for the fans.
Now, the English league is quite interesting, as each round promises to bring a lot, which can be either good or bad for the teams. However it is also important to note that the Premier is not the most prestigious tournament, as other leagues are more popular.
Also, the fans can watch the matches on their mobile phones, as they are available on the site of sports information. This will allow them to keep abreast of the latest events, as many of them are quite important for their teams.
Manchester City and the Premier results
The Citizens started their campaign quite well. They started the campaign quite confidently, and even managed to get into the top four. However this is not their main goal, as their main priority is to qualify to the Champions cup.
At the beginning of the season, Manchester City was quite unstable, as a number of players were injured, which affected the results significantly. However after the first few rounds, the club started to show better results, which led to the fact they are now in the first position in the English championship.
Of course, the first goal for Manchester is to get to the top4, but this is also their main task. The Citizens have a good squad, which has the potential to become one of Europe’s best.
As for the main rivals of the Citizens, they include:
• Liverpool;
• Chelsea;
• Arsenal;
• Tottenham.
Each of these teams is quite strong, and can challenge the Citizens in the fight to the champion title. However Manchester City is not going to give up easily, and will not allow their rivals to get a chance to win.
New season of Manchester City in the Premier
The previous season was quite successful for the Citizens. They managed to qualify directly to the main tournament of the Old Continent, which they won. However there is still a long way to go, and now the team has a good chance to get closer to the champions title.
After the start, the players of the club showed a lot better results. They have already managed to score a lot in matches against the teams from the top division.

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