Bale leads Real Madrid squad in great shape for Arsenal game

The summer transfer campaign has already brought a lot of interesting news for the Spanish capital club, which has been trying to get rid of the burden of the Champions League for a long time.

The first thing that comes to mind is the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese forward has already scored a lot in the Spanish championship, and the club is ready to pay a lot for him.
The main problem of the club in the transfer market is the lack of a striker. It is obvious that the club wants to get a new striker, but the cost of such a player is too high.
In the summer, the club tried to buy Lukas Podolski, but he is a very expensive player. The club is also interested in the sale of Karim Benzema, but it is not worth it.
Arsenal has a great chance to get the player of the Portuguese style, but this is a long-term project. The team has a number of players who can become a striker, and it is also possible to get some good players from the reserve team.
However, the main thing is that the team will be able to play in the Champions league again. The Gunners have a good chance to win the title, and they are ready to fight for it. The main problem for the team is the fact that it is very difficult to get into the top 4, but if the team succeeds in this, it will be a real achievement.
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Team’s chances of winning the Champions Cup
The team of Arsène Wenger is in a good shape, and this is reflected in the results of the matches of the season. The coach has managed to get to the quarterfinals of the Europa League, and now the main task for the Gunners is to get out of the group stage.
It is clear that the main problem is the absence of a true striker. However, the team has other problems as well, and one of them is the bad form of the team’ goalkeeper.
Despite the fact, that the number of matches of this goalkeeper is not the best, the Gunner has a good game. The goalkeeper has a lot to improve, and his mistakes are often punished by the opponent.
This is the main reason why the team of Wenger is able to fight against the best teams of the Old Continent. The last time the Gunters were in the group of the top 3 was in the season of 2004/05, when they lost to Chelsea.
Now, the players of the Arsenal are ready for the fight, and if they succeed, it is possible that they will get into a group with the leaders of the English Premier League.
Live scores of matches in the English championship
The season of the Premier League has come to an end, and so far, the results are not very good for the leaders.
Manchester City is the most successful team in the championship, but its chances of getting into the Champions’ League are not high. The Citizens are not the only team that is not in the best shape, because Arsenal is also in a bad shape.
As for the Champions’ Cup, the Londoners have a very good chance. The tournament is very important for the club, because it is the only chance to enter the European Cup zone.
At the moment, the chances of the Gunmen are not good, but they are not in a very bad shape either. The problem is that they have a lot on their plate, and there is a high probability that the results will improve.
All the latest results of matches
The Londoners are in a great shape, but their chances of entering the Champions’s Cup zone are not so high. This is because the team does not have the right players in the starting lineup.
Also, the lackadaisical attitude of the players is another reason for the failure of the Citizens. However the team managed to fight with the team from Manchester United and Chelsea, and in the end, the result was a draw.
One of the main reasons of the failure was the bad game of the goalkeeper of the London team, who was not in form.
If the situation in the team improves, then the team can enter the Champions zone. The chances of Arsenal are not too high, but there is still a good possibility that the Gun club will be in the top-3 of the standings.
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